When someone says ‘interior design’ and you picture a person holding up a sketchbook, trying out the right set of curtains and getting the wallpaper to match, I got news for you.

You are thoroughly misinformed about what an interior designer does or is.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but that’s more or less what we do

Every time I tell someone that I’m studying interior design, they make this unmistakable expression that says, “Awww isn’t that cute.” They say that interior design is cool but their eyes have this mocking light about them or even pity, which is even worse.

Oh interior design is awesome!
Well anyway, interior design is not one bit cute, people. It’s every bit as difficult as other courses and more.

Unlike what most people think, a typical lecture is not full of sketching, slideshows and more sketching, but much more than just that. I’ve learned how to build a brick wall, how to construct furniture and how to get the plumbing done so that the whole place doesn’t stink. One of our professors even went so far as to say that at the end of the course, I may not become a designer, but I’ll definitely be a carpenter and plumber.

But to be honest, I’m sure I won’t be qualified for that either.

Highly accurate representation of the average interior design student 

Here’s some of the things interior designers do.


If you ever entered a place and just knew where to go, what was where and did not get lost trying to find the bathroom, it’s because the interior designer did a good job. We don’t just place furniture, people. We design spaces.


Yes, we design furniture, we don’t just take our clients to the showroom and help them pick the best piece that is available, but build one from scatch.

Flooring and ceiling


exactly what it feels like trying to match the flooring lines.

We design the floor too guys, what to use, where to use and how much to use it, trying to fit the available sizes in a room wasting as less material as possible, trying to match lines and save money at the same time.

So now you know. It’s not just curtains, wallpapers and lampshades. It’s much much more.



So what other course or job do you think is underrated?

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