Unless you are my mom, you know that beards are awesome. They look good, they feel good, and everyone wants them. Either on themselves or on their boyfriend, but they want them. I have been sporting a beard for a while now, and although it’s not a piece of absolute badassery, I’m proud of it.

So here’s how it changed certain things in my life.

No more shaving



The obvious. Yes, I don’t have to shave anymore. Honestly, I like shaving, there’s no feeling like it, but it’s a task. Buying the same kind of cream every time, because others give you an itch, replacing razors,cleaning them. Uh uh, can’t do it.

Alright,this is still do-able but in the beginning I used to use an electric razor, and more often than not, the batteries would run out just when I was about to shave and trust me, you DON’T want that to happen. Imagine having to sit in class with some unshaven patches of hair under your jaws. Yeah, I’ve had to do that. But it wasn’t too embarassing because I at least had a beard. The other guys looked like 12 year olds compared to me, which brings me to the next point…

People think you’re older than you are


It was Father’s Day, some guy I met at a restaurant started a conversation with me and we were talking about fathers, and I kid you not,he asked me how old my kids were.

I was at a wedding with my mom and an old lady asked my mom if I was her husband.

I’m 20 years old.

From Bhai to Bhaiyya and Bhaiyya to Uncle


See? Even kids know beards are awesome

If you’re around kids a lot, and you want them to like you. Or not hate you at least, a beard’s gonna help you big time. Imagine looking like you just hit puberty and telling a kid to shut the heck up and go sit in a corner. The kid’s gonna ignore you like the waiter ignores you in an Udipi restaurant.

Have a beard on the other hand and they don’t call you bhai anymore, or even bhaiyya, they call you uncle,they respect you and suddenly everything you say and do makes sense and they just do whatever you want them to do. It’s a superpower, trust me.

People think you’re a criminal and drink and smoke


Exactly how some people see bearded guys

It’s ridiculous enough when people think that all alcohol drinkers smoke without exception. But some people are stupid enough to presume that bearded guys drink and smoke. That’s just an extension of their belief that beards are something to be associated with gundas, mawalis, bhais etc.

Just having a beard is enough for some people to think that you’re arrogant, rash and loud, when in fact you’re not. But the upside on this is that when they actually do come talk to you, they realise you’re actually pretty friendly.

Chilly wind not chilly anymore

With the late summer wind in his hair and beard and an Icelandic life written in his face and soul..jpg

The natural wind-breaker for your face

If you ride a motorcycle or travel in trains a lot, you know how great it is to feel the wind blowing in your face. But the face-numbing chills that follow, along with your skin possibly going dry, is hardly pleasing.

Enter the beard, which is like a wind-breaker for your face. Of course, if it’s too long, the wind is gonna mess up your beard and it’s gonna look like a dried up paint brush but who cares? Your skin remains intacto.

A cushion for your palms


Imagine doing that with a beard. Instant comfort.

We all sit with our hands propping up our heads once in a while. But after a while it begins to hurt your palms, doesn’t it? So why not grow a beard and make those long lectures and sleepy train rides a little bit more comfortable for your palms?


So how did beards change your life? Comment below and share with your bearded friends.

And even your non-bearded friends to show them why they should grow one.